Reflections of Mary (Mark 16:1-8)

Our eyes seeing the same mountains,
The gentle touching of our hands,
Simply breathing the same air,
Pleasures unrecognised till now,
In the changing.

In the certainty of our grieving,
You surprise us, Lord,
You are not where we know that you should be.
In the moving of the stone, Lord,
You surprise us,
In our sorrow, we don’t see your victory.

But you told us, Lord,
Prepared us for the changing,

In your grace, foretold the triumph of your death.
In the changing from despair to resurrection
You surprise us and transform us
By rebirth.

Our opened eyes can see beyond the mountains,
Now we’re held forever in your arms,
The air we breathe is your life-giving Spirit,
Gloriously given…….
In the changing.

By Daphne Kitching

© 2020 by The Beacon Parish