During this period of social distancing we are unable to offer normal services, meetings, youth or social events.

In the meantime we would encourage you to:


-follow live broadcast Sunday services via www.facebook.com/thepointchurchsussex

These facebook services should also be available to view on The Point Facebook page afterwards.

-have your own Sunday service at home with our special service sheet.

Just click on the Word icon to the right.

Don't forget you can read this service online with others via video conference,

over the phone with friends, or across the garden fence with neighbours

(at least 2m/6ft apart, please!).

God bless you.

Legal Aid
Movie Theatre
Teenage Group
Support Group

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Throughout this time, our churches will be open for you to spend time in prayer and reflection. And if I can help with anything you might need, I would be really pleased to hear from you.


With every blessing

Father David

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