Prayers for lockdown

Prayer for our church – left in prayer box at St Margaret’s


Lord, may You bless this church for the sanctuary it provides, the truth it relays and the courage it shows to be a light and show hope in these difficult days.

May it bear much fruit from the seed sown  in Jesus’ name.   Amen.


So rare do I recognise history in the making

Meet unaware angels but pass on my way

Blind to the moment just hurrying by

But this New Year which stands open before me.... gives me the chance to change my old ways.

Heavenly Father.... as I stop and look and listen in yet another enforced lock down season may I use it to

See thee more clearly

Love thee more dearly

And follow these more nearly

Day by Day.... Amen


Lord for ourselves - in living power remake us,

Self on the cross and Christ upon the throne;

Past put behind us - for the future take us,

Lord of our lives, to live for Christ alone!


Our Heavenly Father, as day proceeds to day, we are finding ourselves becoming more downhearted.

We are missing seeing children, grandchildren, friends and family.

We long to hug them. 

We long to spend close time with them.

This pandemic instills fear as we lock ourselves in our homes and we begin to doubt Your presence.

In some ways we are like the first disciples after Jesus had died and risen – they were fearful, they were locked away and they began to doubt the truth of their experience.

But Your Spirit filled them and empowered them and they became a great force for You. Fill us with Your Spirit and help us to make a difference for Your Kingdom.