Beacon Parish Giving for a Brighter Future


An important message from our vicar Reverend David Wallis

Dear Friends


I am writing to inform you about our financial situation in the Parish as we are currently running at a deficit of between £3000 - £5000 a month.

Last year, we highlighted this shortfall at a number of stewardship presentations. Little did we know then that all church services would be suspended worsening our finances with the loss of collections on Sundays and at weddings and funerals. Our outgoings have not decreased (although we are currently getting government support for 80% of our youth worker Gary’s salary as he is furloughed and unable to run groups or work in the school).


My message to you is simple. We need people to give or we will be facing serious financial difficulties.

Our financial shortfall is extremely serious, but it is not insurmountable if each of us is prepared to be more generous, so please give serious consideration to your giving.

With every blessing


Ways of Giving

Follow up to Annual Parochial Meeting 2021