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2024 Appeal


As part of our initiative to improve the financial condition of the Beacon Parish, the Parochial Church Council (PCC) has made a decision to launch an engagement campaign, reaching out to all the residents of our community, inviting them to consider or reconsider the work of the Church in the Beacon Parish. An appeal letter has been dropped through the letterbox of every home in the Parish, describing what the Parsh does in the community and inviting residents to consider helping us financially, to enable this work to continue and to increase. A copy of this appeal letter can be found here. Please read it and help us if you can, either financially or by volunteering for some of our activities – or both! Thank you.

If you’d like to discuss any aspects of the appeal or have any ideas which might help us, please reach out to the individuals named in the letter or to any of the people you’ll find on the ‘Contact Us’ tab of this website.


To bring our activities to life, we will be placing a display board in St Margaret’s Church, Ditchling and then moving it to Streat and then Westmeston in subsequent weeks. We plan to start this display in Ditchling in the week beginning 5th May.  Please take the opportunity to learn more about what your Parish is doing in your community.

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