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Diocesan Lent Appeal 2020

The Bishop of Chichester, Dr Martin Warner, will be encouraging parishes to raise funds and highlight the issues around prostitution and the sex trafficking trade as he announces the Diocesan Lent Appeal for this year, Street Lights.

Helen Croft, Director of Streetlight UK, thanks our churches for their support. She says: “Streetlight UK is a specialist support service for women involved in prostitution, which means we work closely with some of the most vulnerable, isolated and forgotten women in our communities. In 2019 we directly supported 276 women involved in prostitution - women who are often exploited and at risk of harm through sexual violence and sexual exploitation. The work we are involved in is often difficult and hidden, so having the support of Churches across the Diocese is such an encouragement. Thank you for standing with us to raise awareness and to support more women in making fresh choices to rebuild their lives.”


The Lent Appeal will help to raise awareness among the wider community of the dangers and harms of prostitution, particularly for young people in being groomed and sexually exploited.

Please consider donating to the Diocesan Lent Appeal to help support those in desperate need of help across the county.

Prostitution has many faces, but ill mental health, primarily related to high levels of violence and trauma, experienced daily, is at its core.


You can find out about the work and resources of the Streetlight charity here

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