GMF ‘psalms’


‘Good Morning Friday’ has continued meeting regularly throughout the last year via Zoom.  It is proving to be a valuable time for fellowship, caring and sharing.  The number attending is in excess of 20 each week and includes people from each of the three churches in the Parish.  Everyone is very welcome to join us. If you would like to participate please email Keith Hine at

At a recent GMF, in the context of reflecting on a Psalm, David challenged us each to write our own ‘psalm’.  When these were shared the following week we were amazed by the diversity, honesty and insight of the ‘psalms’.


It was suggested that these ‘psalms’ are shared with others to encourage them in their personal prayer and worship.  Over the coming months, we will be anonymously posting two of the ‘psalms’ at a time on the website. 

“Our soul awaits for the Lord he is our help and shield”

Praise the Lord he is my guide in all my doings and thoughts

He is my comfort and support

I see him in the beauty of my surroundings

In my love for family and friends

Help me Lord to understand your word

Guide me in my prayer time

I know you are my shield in troubled times

Help me to spread your gospel to others so they can come to know you too

Lord in whom we can trust , praise and thank for ever and ever


Dearest God who envelops me with grace and rosy warm love

When I am with you there are no problems, we are one in Love.

When I absent myself from you I gradually grind to a halt, plateaued in a brittle shutdown, ready to snap.

Please help me in my conscious devotion to you, let my family and all I meet feel your Love

For your Love is the highest and sweetest and I bow down before you

I thank you for my life. I am so grateful for this opportunity to live and breathe and be in your service. Help me to serve you and let me know you and not forget you. Every moment is precious.

Now I know all love beyond words.

Thank you for Jesus, your beloved son and all his teachings, and Thankyou for finding ways to keep reaching us, through all ascended and living teachers of Your love who follow Jesus.

I pray you will always keep me with you,


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