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GMF ‘psalms’


‘Good Morning Friday’ has continued meeting regularly throughout the last year via Zoom.  It is proving to be a valuable time for fellowship, caring and sharing.  The number attending is in excess of 20 each week and includes people from each of the three churches in the Parish.  Everyone is very welcome to join us. If you would like to participate please email Keith Hine at

At a recent GMF, in the context of reflecting on a Psalm, David challenged us each to write our own ‘psalm’.  When these were shared the following week we were amazed by the diversity, honesty and insight of the ‘psalms’.


It was suggested that these ‘psalms’ are shared with others to encourage them in their personal prayer and worship.  Over the coming months, we will be anonymously posting two of the ‘psalms’ at a time on the website. 

O generous glorious God,

You who have created this Universe

With the burning Sun

And the cold Moon and stars.

I ask for your help

To become steadfast

For faith to burn in me like the Sun

Not wax and wane coldly as the Moon,

Fill me with faith

O generous glorious God


Lord, the galaxies of the heavens witness the vastness of your creation;  the abundance of the great forests witnesses the diversity of your creation

Lord, the life in the depths of the oceans witness hidden beauties of your creation; the workings of the ecosystems which you set in motion witness the interconnections of that creation

Lord, even the virus and its evolution witness that creation: showing the beautiful and terrible ingenuity of the interconnections.

As a human my tiny mind can only just pick at the edges of understanding your creation; I do not always use wisely the freedom you gave me within the bounds of your creation

We humans have begun to understand the complexities of your creation; we do not always use that knowledge wisely.

Lord, grant us the wisdom to come to understand the workings of your creation; may we use such knowledge wisely and play our small part in creating your kingdom here on earth.


Lord of the earth and sky...of storms and calm

Why are there more surges than tranquility?

And speak peace to me..even though the words are often hard to hear and the reality of it far removed from me at times

But soul will be still for my hope and my trust are in you.


A song of praise and thanks


Blesséd is the Lord

And blessed am I

Blesséd is the Lord

And welcomed am I

The Lord blesses and welcomes

Blesséd is the Lord.


I live to love and serve the Lord.

But how shall I do this?

In thought word and deed.

The Lord’s generosity is boundless.

My heart is full of gratitude.

As my faith grows, my anxieties diminish.

I must “cast my cares upon the Lord”

Praising you through words and music brings me such joy!

Inspire us Lord Jesus to bring more people to know you.

Guide us all in new ways to preserve and enhance the well- being of all living things.

“Glory be to God in the highest and peace on earth to all men”


We raise our voice in praise you O Lord.

We thank you your wonderful creation.

The blue skies, the bird song, the flowers bursting forth, showing us there is new life coming

We trust in you Lord because we know that you will not desert us.

Thank you for always being there for us in our hour of need, giving us strength

You don’t always give us the answer to our prayer that we hope for, but it is always the right answer.

Hear us O Lord when we ask for your help with this troubled world

Give us the confidence to speak out in praise of you.

We trust in you O Lord today, tomorrow and for evermore.



Praise to the Almighty Lord

I praise him with all my soul as he is wonderful.

Through my prayers and thoughts

He cares for all the people on this earth.

Far and wide, sick, damaged, and well

He cares for all of nature

Animals, birds, insects, from the smallest to the largest.

He cares for our trees, grasses. flowers and growing food

Dear God you have a massive task but I trust you to look after it all.

You are in my heart and my soul



Alleluia, Alleluia.

Let us all sing praises to The Lord for the wonder of creation

The beauty of the sunrise and sunset.

The fruitful earth and trees providing succour to the nations.  

The fresh growth at springtime giving new life and hope for all god’s creatures

Alleluia,  Alleluia  Praise the Lord!


I found this morning very interesting and was very impressed by the quality and input.  Several of us were focusing on the creation, I’m sure inspired by our beautiful surroundings!


Theme: For the safe deliverance of a Christian mother with dementia, into God’s hands.


Written one month prior to the death of the person to whom this refers.


Your mighty wind is howling, the strength is noisesome.

It whips at the branches, it tries to invade the quiet inside;

Whistling, humming, whooshing in gusts.

A door slams.  Your might is there, around us everywhere.


I am a small part of your huge creation, your might.

I bring constant concerns about a frail mother, her dementia,

Dipping and diving as her ability to communicate rises and falls and rises again.

My prayer is always that she is comfortable and not anxious;

That her grandchildren and great grandchildren can continue to love her and enjoy memories with her.

I know it will be hard in the end and don’t know how it will end.  Help me to be ready and strong.


Thank you God for the support of my wonderful, ever loving family and that of my husband too.

Help me to be ready and strong.


Thank you.

I was.



You,  O Lord, are the Creator and Sustainer of this universe

Yet Your eye is on the sparrow.


You have been the rock on which my life is built

The fortress in which I am secure.


But now darkness surrounds me.

Depression knocks on my door.


But You are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

There is no suggestion of change in You.


Remind me of Your care, Your love and Your grace

Cause my trust in You to increase.


For You are the eternal God

My future is safe in Your hands.

O Lord, creator of heaven and earth, You have promised to be with us always; Your steadfast love endures for ever.


Forgive us for the times we have not listened to your call; when we have tried to continue in our own strength.


We give you thanks, O Lord, for Your abundant gifts; for Your presence, Your peace, Your encouragement and Your challenge; for Your spirit resting in me.


Lord, may we maintain our hope in You, Your light that overcomes the dark.


Surround and protect us that we may experience Your peace within.


Keep us patient to stay close to You, following Your lead and growing in faith and trust.


By the power of Your spirit, help us to declare Your goodness and proclaim the good things you have done for us.




Lord, thank you for the beauty of this world,

The awesome detail in all you have made:

From the shades on the highest mountains

To the tints on the tiniest insect’s wings.


You chose to place me here in this glorious, yet puzzling,

sometimes dark and frightening world,

To see you in everything, to recognise and serve you in others:

A gift and a commission which sometimes overwhelm me.


So many times, I ask “Lord, why am I here now?

What should I be doing for you?

Why can’t I achieve what I’d like to achieve for you?”

When I feel you’re not answering, my loneliness can feel profound.


Yet, I know that you always answer

And that, in racing from task to task,

I’m simply missing the signposts:

In looking to the mountains, I’m missing the insect’s wings.


You know my deepest desires

and I know and trust that you do answer

In the only way that matters: your way

And in the only time that matters: your time.


Lord, keep me moving forward

Along the paths you have chosen for me;

My trust in you as strong

As yours in me.

Bountiful Lord, I worship and praise you

For trusting me with the gift of life

And the commission to be your eyes and hands in this world.

May I always use those gifts to your glory.



We give thanks unto the lord as we start our new day.

Let us light up your Beacon of love

We sing your praises Lord, alleluia.

Lord now we give thanks for the hills, the beauty of the country side.

You’re shining Beacon of love falls among us day and night.

The sun, the moon, the stars shine down your Beacon of light.

Let us look up to the green hills that shine the light,

guide us and give us strength though out the day,

The hills shine then roll down upon us.

Our love of your shining Beacon, be with us all the day and night.

Your soft shining Beacon of light, Shines like a glowing candle keeping us safe,

The glowing candle helps us to relax and sleep during the night.

So unto us we are refreshed for the start of your new day.


“Our soul awaits for the Lord he is our help and shield”

Praise the Lord he is my guide in all my doings and thoughts

He is my comfort and support

I see him in the beauty of my surroundings

In my love for family and friends

Help me Lord to understand your word

Guide me in my prayer time

I know you are my shield in troubled times

Help me to spread your gospel to others so they can come to know you too

Lord in whom we can trust , praise and thank for ever and ever


Dearest God who envelops me with grace and rosy warm love

When I am with you there are no problems, we are one in Love.

When I absent myself from you I gradually grind to a halt, plateaued in a brittle shutdown, ready to snap.

Please help me in my conscious devotion to you, let my family and all I meet feel your Love

For your Love is the highest and sweetest and I bow down before you

I thank you for my life. I am so grateful for this opportunity to live and breathe and be in your service. Help me to serve you and let me know you and not forget you. Every moment is precious.

Now I know all love beyond words.

Thank you for Jesus, your beloved son and all his teachings, and Thankyou for finding ways to keep reaching us, through all ascended and living teachers of Your love who follow Jesus.

I pray you will always keep me with you,


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