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After such a long time with no events in the Beacon Parish due to the Pandemic we decided to arrange a plant sale to take place on Saturday 8th May in the morning. Due to the forecast of heavy rain the decision was taken on Wednesday to postpone the plant sale until Sunday afternoon when the forecast was for warm and sunny weather.

Plants were delivered to the church as planned on Friday evening and it was amazing to see how many plants there were. The team of helpers arrived early Sunday morning to clear the church ready for the morning service.

After the Service and APCM (Annual Meeting) the team assembled in Church Lane to start setting up. Everything was ready to go by opening time. Church Lane was packed with people by 2 o’clock people arrived with bags, boxes, and wheelbarrows to buy the beautifully grown plants and produce.

By 3 o’clock well over half the plants and produce had been sold and with this fast speed of shopping, nearly everything had gone by 3.45pm.

An approximate total of £2,000 was raised for much needed funds to help towards the running of the Beacon Parish.

We must thank all those who grew plants especially Sally, Jenny, Paul and made cakes, etc. and also everyone who helped set up and manned a table on the day and cleared up afterwards.

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