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Prayers for lockdown

O God, our help in ages past,

Our hope for years to come.

Be thou our guard while troubles last

And our eternal home.




Our Father God…..

In these times of uncertainty, may we turn to You as our Rock.

In these times of isolation and separation from family and friends, may we find in You our ever-present friend and companion.

In these days of fear, give us reassurance that You are in ultimate control – our times are in Your hands.

Draw us close to You, never let us go.




My loving heavenly Father, help me to remember those who are in a more difficult situation than me. 

Maybe they have no family – help me to reach out to them with a ‘phone call, a note or an email.

Maybe they have lost their job – show me how to help them.

Maybe one of their loved ones has died during this pandemic – help me to show Your love and comfort to them.

Maybe they are suffering from ‘Long Covid’ – show me what I can practically do to help them.

I ask this in Your Name.




As days shorten and nights lengthen….as going out shortens and staying in lengthens

Help me to remember Your love is never short and your arms are always long.

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