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for the Restoration of the Path through
St. Martin’s Churchyard, Westmeston

Some time ago we did some work to uncover the public footpath through the Churchyard to improve disabled access. The soil and grass that had accumulated over the last fifty years was removed which revealed a fine brick path. However, you may have noticed that the bricks are very uneven. To make the path safe for disabled access and walkers, the bricks need to be re-laid on a firm bed of sand.

This will cost over £4,000.  Can you help?

The Parish is spending £7,500 on repairing the Church roof and doing some repointing to the Horsham stone. In addition, we need to clear the silted soakaway to make sure that the rainwater runs away from the Church. We can handle this from our savings and the income from generous previous endowments, but the £4,000 for the path is likely to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Please help us and make a donation to ensure that access to our historic village Church is in a good shape for the next century or two? For each donation we receive, we will write your name on the underside of one of the bricks for posterity.

Westmeston Footpath Campaign

Help repair the church path for disabled access and walkers

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